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Your job
Please describe your job briefly:
Previous linguistic skills
Have you ever studied French before?:YesNo
If so, to what level and roughly how many years ago?:
Have you studied any other languages in the past?:YesNo
If so, which ones and to what level?:
Your learning
Which aspects of French for business are you particularly interested in?:Business travelling: hotels, transports, directions
Business meals: ordering, describing food-drinks
Suggesting-Replying - Making arrangements (writing + phone)
Hosting + Being a visitor
General aspects of meetings: room, opening a meeting, sharing points of views, disagreeing, closing a meeting, minutes in French
Problem & solutions: explaining a problem, Recommending, advising
Other. please specify
Which of these activities would help you learn? :Listening to the teacher and repeating
Practising in small groups or pairs
Using a text book
Watching video extracts
Listening to CDs
Using pictures for speaking practice
Doing games
Spontaneous conversations
What do you REALISTICALLY expect to be able to do at the end of the first year?:
Language skills: Which one(s) are most important to you? (least important:1 / most important:5)
Understanding the spoken language:
Understanding the written language:
Ability to speak the language:
Ability to write the language accurately:
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