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Overview of the course topics



Term 1:

Extension of personal descriptions: physically – personalities

Talking about daily life: personal routine, leisure, habits, job

Talking about technology and social media in your daily life


Term 2:

Using the perfect and imperfect tense while talking about past activities:

music-film-TV programs you used to be interested in, past holidays


Term 3:

Bringing the world together: Talking about big events

Natural disasters

Problems of our society:Rich and poor people, homelessness

Fairtrade and consuming rationally

Charities and Volunteering


Term 4:

Talking about future personal projects and prorities

Talking about the routine on holiday

Renting a holiday accommodation

requesting some detailed information on holiday



Term 5:

Environmental problems and their solutions

Travelling abroad vs. travelling in the UK



'Great quality lessons. Wonderful environment, very engaging, filled with activities aimed to improve communication, vocabulary and practice grammar.
After trying other classes (county, Leicester university) Languistique has the right balance of vocabulary, grammar and practice (listening, speaking and communication skills)
Highly recommended!' 

Alberto Granero, Leicestershire,  Intermediate


Lower Level: Beginner plus

Higher Level: Intermediate plus