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Overview of the course topics


Term 1

  • Subjunctive: a progressive approach is used to teach this tense
  • Healthy living: eating habits, work-life balance, alcohol
  • Understanding a survey


Term 2

  • Healthy living: factors influencing participation to sport, links between sport and health...
  • Fashion/trends: How can we alter our image, cult of celebrity...


Term 3

  • Communication and technology: popularity of electronic gadgets, advantages vs benefits of internet, ...
  • understanding a long speech
  • presenting statistics


Term 4:

  • Positif aspects of a diverse society
  • At work: attitudes towards work, French strikes, the place of volontary work


Term 5:

  • Contemporary francophone music
  • Cinema: the 7th art form


Term 6:

  • A French culture proud of its heritage:
    • national, regional and local French heritage
    • how heritage reflects culture
    • heritage and tourism
  • The past historic tense used in novels in French