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Practice verbs and vocabulary with quizlet

Download the app (it is free or small fee a month if you want to download the sets) by select the quizlet button below:

Select the level you want to work at. This will directly lead you to the Languistique French sets.


Practice your listening with this apps


Practice French verbs with these apps


Here is a selection of apps to learn and/or practice your French verbs.

If you find a good app that would benefit to other learners, I would appreciate if you could let me know ( 


This is my favourite app so far: you get the full conjugaison, the English translation, you can practice verb recognition. You can also hear the pronunciation for the basic tenses.

Select a specific verb from a list of 300 most common verbs.

You can then see the full conjugaison in the most common tenses: present, perfect, imperfect, futur, pluperfect, near future, conditional.

Once you familiar or revised a particular tense you can then practice it.  In the custom exercice page, you select the verb(s) to practice, the tense(s) and the level of difficulty (2 levels).

In the full version (2019 price: £0.99), there are 3 levels to choose from.

Verb Blitz French

This is another good app: you get the full conjugaison, you can practice your verb recognition and verb writing

In the verb Ref page, you can choose to see a specific verb in all tenses.

In the setting, you select which tense you want to practice.You can choose to work on the following tenses: present, imperfect, perfect, future, conditional, pluperfect, subjunctive

In the conj quiz page, you must select the correct verb (verb recognition)

In the snap page, you also practice the verb recognition: you must associate the French verb to its English equivalent as quickly as possible by pressing the button 'snap'

In the gapfill page, you must write the French translation of a given verb using the given letters

In the performance page, you can track your progress.

This app gives you the full conjugaison of 500 verbs in the following tenses: present, future, perfect, past historic (used in french novels), ipmperfect, pluperfect, conditional, subjunctive

Once you have chosen your level (Beginner, intermediate or advanced), select how to learn to conjugate French verbs by choosing a training mode: multiple choice, type your answer in, or think about it in your head and then compare.

This app might be used in combination with VerbSquirt or Verb Blitz apps above. You must be able to write verbs without any clue (like a list of letters)
The aim of the game is to jump from one obtacle to another and write a given verb correctly to carry on with the obstacle course.
In the menu, you can choose the verbs and tense you want to work on.
Please note that if you add a space at the end of your verb it won't be recognised by the app and will be assigned as incorrect even if it is correct

This is a quizz game to practice  the recognition of a selection of verbs in present, future and imperfect (the perfect tense is coming soon)

In the setting menu, you choose the verb(s) and tense(s) you want to practice as well as the number of questions (between 5 to 65 questions).

At the end of the quizz, conjuquizz presents the results. The correct answers are presented in green, the incorrect ones in red along with they correct answer.

Once you had a try with the free version (which is quite short), you can buy the full version for less than £3